Josiah Osborne Hanly

Eric, Jennifier, Mical, and Micah are very pleased to officially announce the existence of Unborn Baby #3 Hanly (we're working on a better name).  Yesterday, we had the privilege of seeing the little cutie kicking around with heart beating away and everything.  Obviously, we are very excited.

Aside from morning sickness (which is now getting better every day), Jenn is doing well.  However, we would still very much appreciate your prayers both for mother and baby.  We have lost one before (as we know many of you have as well), so we do not take this new life for granted.

On a lighter note, to accommodate the upcoming new addition, we regret to announce that we have been forced to join the masses of uncool suburban Americans, and have already traded in our SUV for a minivan.  To be honest, the van is so darn practical, we're actually kicking ourselves for not having taken the plunge sooner!

Here's an ultrasound picture for those of you with good imaginations.  Head is the circle to the right, face up.  Dark circle to the left is amniotic fluid with legs kicking around therein.  The body is in between (imagine that!).

Gestational Age:  13 weeks (Picture Taken 30 Oct 2004)

Due Date:  8 May 2005     Likely Actual Due Date:  Mid April

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