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1 September 2003

Dear Friends & Family,

As many of you know, in November of last year, my brother, Kevin, and I served on a short-term mission team to Hyderabad, India.  In eleven days our team treated over 1,700 poor Indians in rural “tent clinics,” shared the Gospel with as many people, ministered to almost 100 itinerant pastors in a pastoral conference/retreat, and contributed to the construction of a school for Indian orphans.  This year, the mission board at Derwood Bible Church or DBC (now our home church) has asked me to lead the team of twenty eager “mini-missionaries” back to India for another exciting eleven days of ministry.

We will again be supporting the ministry of Dr. Samuel Kadari, an Indian national pastor and man of great faith and vision who is being used greatly by God to minister to the more than one-billion people living in India.  The backbone of our team will again be the medical and evangelism teams.  We expect to see another 1,500+ patients, and this year we are traveling equipped to perform a number of general surgical procedures (hernia repairs, etc.).  We are incorporating a Public Health initiative into our medical/evangelism ministries in which we will teach uneducated rural Indians about HIV/AIDS, SARS, Foot Care, Handwashing, etc.  Our pastor at DBC, Steve Pettit, will again be directing a three-day pastoral teaching conference for Dr Kadari’s many rural church pastors, and Kevin will be putting his 1 ˝ years (so far) of seminary education to good use as he will be assisting Pastor Steve—giving some of the lectures/sermons.  Our building team will be constructing a rudimentary new church in one of the small villages near Hyderabad where the local Christians currently have no place to meet and worship.  Finally, because of the size of our team this year, we have been able to add two additional ministries: a Vacation Bible School for the children and a Women’s Ministry to pastors’ wives.

As mentioned above, in addition to serving on the medical team as a physician/surgeon, this year I will be leading the team—coordinating all preparation here in the United States and overseeing execution of our ministries once in India.  I arrived at the decision to agree to lead the team after months of prayer and discussion with my wife, Jennifier.  I do not take this responsibility lightly, and, therefore, I covet your prayers greatly.  Please pray that I will lead by example with excellence and humility and that I will be a blessing to the team—a group of awesome mature saints who, to be frank, barely need a leader at all.

Kevin will again be leading our team in worship each day, will be directing music for the Vacation Bible School, and will be teaching/preaching at the pastor’s conference.  Please pray for wisdom for him as he prepares his messages.  Also pray that he will be able to get enough school work done during the weeks immediately preceding the trip so that he will feel free to serve and minister unburdened.

Once again, we will each need to raise $2,500 ($5,000 total) to pay for our expenses for the trip.  We must raise this money by the end of September so that we can pay for our plane tickets at the low rate.  If you enjoy supporting this kind of ministry and feel led to invest in it financially, we would be very grateful for your support.  Please send checks to my home address, 4286-1 Wilmington Dr, Andrews AFB, MD 20762, but be sure to make them out to Derwood Bible Church (your contribution is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt from the Church at the end of the calendar year).

The dates of the trip this year are October 31 – November 10 (eleven days).  I am hoping to find eleven individuals willing to pray for me and our team’s work in India for one full hour on one of each of these days.  If you are a prayer warrior and could commit to such a task, would you please write, call, or email me?

Thank you in advance for your support of this ministry!

In Christ,

Eric & Kevin Hanly

Eric:  301-351-9609

Kevin:  978-646-0459

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