2002 – Hanly

Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas Friends and Family,

            We greet you in the name of our precious Savior, Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate once again.  Wow!  Another year has come and gone!  And as with every year past, God has blessed us enormously this year.  We are thankful for his provision, and are humbly aware of the presence of his grace in our lives.  The following are some of the highlights from our lives this year.  We hope to hear from you soon!


Hanly’s 2002 at a Glance

Jan – All 3 return to DC after Christmas in Wyoming

Feb – Jenn and Mical visit family in Toledo

Mar – Eric attends surgery course in Breckenridge (Euphemisms for “All 3 spend a week skiing in Colorado”)

Apr – All 3 in Las Vegas for a week at AF surgery meeting—saw the Blue Man Group

May – Eric attends military clinical investigations conference in San Antonio

June – Jenn moves Eric’s parents to DC—truck breaks down in Ohio

July – Eric’s 10-Yr high school reunion in Wyo

       – Jenn’s mom’s wedding in Atlanta

       – Weekend in NYC w/ Matt & Kandi Helms

Aug – Eric TDY in Vienna, VA for grant review

Sept – Camping w/ John & Janna Floyd in MD

       – Visit Eric’s cousins in Virginia Beach

Oct – Romantic weekend at Niagara Falls B&B—Jenn’s mom watches Mical in DC

Nov – Eric & Kevin—India, 2-week mission trip

       – All 3 in San Diego for E’s human research ethics meeting—Trinity (E’s sister) visits

       – Thanksgiving in Wyo with Jenn’s family

Dec – Christmas in DC with Eric’s family



Jenn continues to love her 168-hour per week job as a full-time mother and homemaker.  Here are some of her statistics for 2002:

      – Changed ~1800 diapers

      – Made ~1000 meals

      – Gave ~365 baths

      – Washed ~300 loads of laundry

      – Purchased >$3,000 in groceries

      – Painted/Decorated ~1000 ft2 of house

      – Maintained a 97.8% clean house rate

            (Eric was home alone ~8 days)  

Jenn is active in the neighborhood play group on base.  The moms meet approximately once a week, and take the kids to playgrounds, parks, museums, the zoo, etc.  Jenn periodically takes Mical to Infant University on base where moms and dads play fun, age-appropriate developmental games with their kids.

Jenn and Eric finished the Growing Kids God’s Way course at their church in March and are now trying their hardest to put into practice in their parenting the principles they learned.

In June, Jenn flew to Wyoming to direct Eric’s parents’ move from their 30+ year home of Laramie to their new home in Washington DC.  Jenn supervised the loading of the 25-foot Yellow Ryder Truck and then hit the road solo at full speed (~45 MPH).  Consistent with all good low-budget moves, her truck broke down in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio.  Thus she helped 2 hired hands unload the broken truck and reload everything into a new truck (top speed ~50 MPH).  5 days, 2 trucks, and 1800 miles later, she arrived in Washington with everything intact.  It is great to have Eric’s parents nearby.  They baby sit Mical one afternoon every week.


Eric still enjoys his job as a surgery research officer at Andrews Air Force Base (AFB).  He continues to work on the Walter Reed Army Medical Center telerobotic surgery project and is involved with most of the military’s human robotic surgery cases.  In April, he presented data from his military surgical robotics training program at the Society of Air Force Clinical Surgeons in Las Vegas where he won the Surgeon General’s award for the best general surgery presentation.  He continues basic science and animal surgery research at Johns Hopkins University a couple of days each week.  He has also been given a number of administrative responsibilities at Andrews.  In the summer he served as the interim director of the hospital’s department of clinical investigations (overseeing human subjects research), and he now chairs the hospital’s committee on pain management.

In March Eric & Jenn started a base “House Church” with 2 other families from the neighborhood (Kardoes & Cox).  Although the other 2 original families have since moved, the group has grown.  Eric & Jenn now lead a group of 8 families weekly in dinner, Bible study, and fellowship.  We are becoming like a family and are beginning to see the fruit of true Christian community!  Eric works out 4-5 mornings a week w/ one of the men from the Bible Study.

In November, Eric and his brother, Kevin, joined a team of 13 other surgeons, pastors, construction workers, and evangelists from a DC church on a 2-week mission trip to Hyderabad, India.  Eric served on the medical team seeing as many as 100 patients a day while Kevin brought his guitar and led the local kids in song and the team in worship.


Mical has had a very busy 2002 learning about the world.  Here are a few of her milestones:

8 mos – learned to sign “please”

9 mos – “rolling” instead of crawling to get around (like daddy did)

10 mos – spoke first words, “all done”

12 mos – 1st birthday party – July 4th

14 mos – took her first steps

Mical is now 17 months old and is talking up a storm.  Here’s a list of Mical’s current vocabulary:  DUCK, Quack, Please, All Done, Ball, Elephant, Night-Night, Mamma, Dada, Butterfly, Elephant, Giraffe, Horse, DUCK, Woof (dog), Baa (sheep), Bath, Bye-Bye, Fish, Grandma, Grandpa, Drink, Eat, Butter, Yes, Amen, Jesus, DUCK, Diaper, Up, Down, Bear, Brush, Teeth, Eyes, Nose, Bird, Squirrel, Trees, Shoes, Socks, DUCK, Blanket, Car, Peas, Grapes, Banana, Apple, Helicopter, Airplane, Baby, Hot, Cold, Block, Flower, Kitty, and, did I mention “DUCK?”

Mical loves reading with “Mamma,” playing with “Dada,” and visiting “Grandma & Grandpa” so that she can see their neighbor’s pet DUCK!  Yes, the duck has quickly become her favorite animal.  She now has about 6 toy ducks, countless books with ducks, and can spot any duck or duck-like animal from miles away.

Top of the Empire State Building

Eric, Jennifier, & Mical Hanly

4286 Wilmington Dr., Unit 1

Andrews Air Force Base, MD 20762

Home: 301-599-6746

E’s Cell:  301-351-9609

J’s Cell:  301-325-7565



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Mical with her duck