19 March 2000

Answers to Prayer!

As we prepare to leave for Thailand on March 26, we are excited to be able to take with us (thanks to your generous gifts) instruments and drugs that Dr. McDaniel requested that we try to obtain for Kwai River Christian Hospital. Included are:

  1. Surgical and Diagnostic Instruments
    • Doppler Probe for detecting/monitoring fetal heartbeat
    • Cervical Biopsy Punch Forceps
    • Poole Suction Tube
    • Gastroenterostomy Twin Clamp
    • Microhematocrit Tube Readers
  2. Drugs
    • Ephedrine and epinephrine
    • Topical anesthetics
    • Local anesthetics
    • Acetaminophen suppositories
    • Antibiotics
We are also taking with us supplies provided through an outreach program of The Johns Hopkins Hospital to hospitals in third-world countries.

Planned Activities Update

Dr. and Mrs. McDaniel (Phil and Melba) have three children. Melodie, their youngest, is developmentally disabled and is homeschooled by Melba. You may be aware that Jennifier has experience working with children with serious physical and behavioral disabilities. As part of her degree in psychology, she did a six-month internship as a clinical assistant on the neurobehavioral unit of the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore. Melba has expressed a desire for some relief in the day-to-day teaching of Melodie, and Jennifier is pleased to have the opportunity to provide her a period of relief by working one-on-one with Melodie during most of our stay.

We asked Dr. McDaniel if it might be possible for each of us to have one day a week set aside for solitude / silence / prayer / Bible study. He approved our request, and we are very excited about this. We would really appreciate your prayers for us that this time might deepen our relationship with God and increase our sensitivity to His leading (see our prayer request list below).

Prayer Requests

  1. That we would sense God's presence during our days of solitude
  2. That we would be a blessing to the missionaries and a help
  3. That God would give us clear vision regarding His will for our future involvement in missions
  4. That God would grant us extra grace in our marriage to meet the unique challenges of our time in Thailand

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